Monthly meetings

Crockham Hill Village Hall Hall

The next meeting will take place on Wednesday 28 September at 2pm when Henry VIII will grace us with his presence!

Regular meetings are held on the last Wednesday of the month at 2pm in Crockham Hill Village Hall.


Events Diary

Henry VIII - Tony Harris 

Magna Terra - Chris Lloyd

Circling in Africa - Ian Packham

ITV News Reader - Nicholas Owen

 Singer/Entertainer - Ms. Collett 

60 Talk/Entertainment - Paul Robbins

Film stunt lady - Lucy Allen

Gilbert & Sullivan - Barnard Locket

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor - Janie Ramsey

Arundel Castle - James Dickinson 

Finding Crockham Hill Village Hall

Monthly meeting reports

April meeting

Dr Geoffrey Mead spoke about the interaction between the natural landscape and the impact of humans on landscapes in the South East.


Dr Henry Oakeley took us on an exciting, but hazardous, journey as he described orchid hunting treks in Peru.

baby boomer meeting

Baby Boomer Nostalgia

Alan Haines had everyone entertained at our first meeting for 19 months with anecdotes from the baby boomer years. 

television test card

Wilf Lower took us through programmes produced during BBC Television's Golden Years, from Cathy Come Home to Monty Python. 

ukulele band

Pete Allen explained the origins of the pantomime and the Westerham U3A Ukulele band entertained us with rousing music.

debbie lewington

Debbie Lewington entertained us not only with stories of the origins of Flamenco but with demonstrations of the rhythms and steps. 

brenda cameron

Brenda Cameron showed us what can happen if we apply positive thinking and good posture.

ian keable

Ian Keable surprised us with little known stories of Charles Dickens' interest in conjuring, and entertained us with magic tricks.

monthly meetimg July 2019

Dennis Kelly told us about the changing fortunes of Hollywood from 1895 to the present day.