Annual General Meeting 2021

Minutes of Edenbridge u3a Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday 27 July 2021 at Crockham Hill Village Hall

1. Chairman’s Report

Mike Collins (Chairman) welcomed everyone to the AGM and thanked all for attending, especially in these difficult times.

2. Approval of the 5th Annual General Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held in July 2020 were approved. 

3. Treasurer’s Report and Approval of Accounts for 2020/2021

Peter Welch (Treasurer) reported that the finances were in a very healthy state.   In particular, he stated that even without the membership fees for 2020 we had a bank balance of over £6,000.  The accounts are on the website for review.

The accounts were duly approved and seconded.

4. Nominations for Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Minutes Secretary

Mike reported that the constitution provides for a Chairman, Treasurer, Minutes Secretary and up to eight more executive members.  Mike stood aside and Colin Fairman took the vote for the Chairman which was agreed by all.

Mike then resumed as Chairman, and it was proposed that:

Peter Welch be reappointed as Treasurer

This was duly seconded and passed by all. The position of Vice Chairman will remain vacant for the time being.

5. Nominations for the Remaining Executive Members

It was proposed that the remaining Executive Committee Members be re-elected, namely Estelle Barling, Colin Fairman, Brian Swift, Lynn Swift and Lynne Joyner.  This was proposed and seconded.  All were in favour.

The Chairman explained that there were vacancies for members to join the Executive Committee if any would like to be considered.

The Chairman proposed that the tenure of a Committee Member be increased from 6 to 10 years.  This was duly approved and seconded.  All were in favour.

6. Annual Subscription Rates for 2020/2021

Although the annual subscription was not billed in 2020 due to the COVID pandemic, the Group was able to use the bank reserves and it was decided not to increase the fees: £20 for single member and £35 for a couple.  This was duly proposed and seconded.  All were in favour.

7. Any other business

Colin Fairman was thanked for his work as Business Secretary.

Brian Swift introduced the Group Leaders who attended to talk about their groups.


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