Uppark discussion July 2019

Three of us enjoyed our meeting, kindly hosted by Mary, discussing impressions of Uppark, with facts and drawings from Linda, and praise for Linda from Rosemary for driving in torrential rain.

During our guided tour of Quebec house I had noted the beautiful costumes, sewn with large pleat sections, which could be unpicked to accommodate pregnancy and later re-sewn.The bed was exquisite, hand sewn again, with three mattresses of different materials.

We also read from a family history document which included occurences during the decades of the 1700s and gave us a few surprises.

For the future, it was suggested either to continue as with the 1800s, one topic and different aspects, however, with a smaller group we will have more time to speak, and so could cover one whole topic each.

Below are just some of the topics to consider, in no particular order:
religion and beliefs, medical practices, poets and writers, education, adventurers, transport, crime and punishments, public entertainment, slavery, diet, toys and games for children, food purchasing, other shopping, legal system, philanthropists, shipping, recreation and sports for the poor, recreation and sports for the rich, cooking, popular drinks, immigration, emigration, the grand tour, imports and exports, the banking system, occupations of the rich, what work was available for the poor.