Life in the 1700s

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About the Group:
After 5 years during which the 25 members learned fascinating and amusing information about every aspect of life, inventions and developments in the 1800s, the group has changed and is now researching, discussing and exploring people's lives in the 1700s. Each month we choose a topic to examine and each member brings along approximately 5 minutes of information on that topic to share and discuss. The internet provides much of the information which we realise we must not take as gospel, so we use it with caution. 

We welcome new members to join us, and you can pick any aspect you wish to investigate. We each spend about 20 minutes discussing our findings and have general discussion on the topics.

When and where?
Monthly meetings on Tuesdays between 10am-12pm in each other's homes

How much does it cost?
No cost


Christine Byrne

Future meetings

To be confirmed


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The move to London

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Uppark House

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