Bore Place March 2022


The short walk in March started from Bough Beech reservoir which is a popular spot with keen bird watchers. We walked uphill away from the reservoir past the Giant’s Chair which is a large (not surprisingly given its name) wooden structure for children to play on. It is provided by Bore Place, which is an organic dairy farm, organic market gardens, conference centre and environmental education centre. They also provide opportunities for vulnerable and disadvantaged young people.

Our walk took us through the Bore Place farmyard and then across fields towards Yorkshill where views looking uphill remind us of the variety of terrains and views we have in our locality.

We then headed back towards Bore Place returning to the reservoir by a different route passing the wind turbine. Crossing the fields, the reservoir suddenly comes into view. Though muddy in places we were fortunate with the weather given some of the preceding rainy days.