Winkworth Arboretum Nov 2023


On Tuesday 7th November we made a trip to Winkworth Arboretum and was joined by a select group of devotees.  As usual we headed straight for the cafe which, at present, is Al Fresco for a warm cheese scone and coffee.  We were lucky and thankful of a sunny but chilly day.   Duly warmed and after a lovely chat we set off to share our love of nature and the woodland.  Making our way along the trail to Holly Wood and then onto a wonderful view point where there is a bench aptly named ‘Owl Bench’ (See photo) and from here towards Badgers Bowl.  Colin & Penny were pointing out and explaining about the various trees as we traversed through the wood.  Winkworth is a large estate of about 100 acres and the longest walking trail is 3.6 km.  Needless to say we only managed part of it in our few hours which also took in our lunch.  


The estate was the brainchild of Dr Wilfred Fox.  He was the driving force behind the Roads Beautifying Association and he was a member of a horticultural committee that advised the then King.  In 1952 he gifted part of it to the National Trust.   When Autumn arrives, Winkworth bursts into colour, it’s yellows, oranges and reds painting a breath-taking picture across the landscape.  It’s the perfect destination for a trip that takes in the historical woodland, beautiful plants and fantastic scenery.


Penny & Stephanie

Group leaders