Wine Knowledge

bottles of wine

About the Group:

The group is aimed at those who enjoy wine and would like to develop their knowledge and understanding of wine so as to make a more informed choice of what they like, and to enhance their food and wine pairings.

Bill has organised such events for more than 30 years for friends and family. Bill has no formal wine industry background or qualification, only a love of wine and experience of drinking it. Depending on the numbers, you will taste around 6 different wines at each meeting. This is the equivalent of 2 - 3 glasses of wine spread across the wines being tasted. The group will decide the topic for the next event from a range of options e.g. Bordeaux right and left bank, summer rosé, wines from lesser known countries, a comparison of suppliers.

The group is limited to 18 people.  Often the tastings are blind, with one glass for each wine so that you can compare the wines.  If after the first event you wish to continue Bill may ask that you bring your own set of 6 wine glasses to save him washing up.



Bill and Anne Lewis