Walkers' insurance and dogs on leads

After discussions with Head Office and subsequent agreement at the January 2018 Meeting of the Executive Committee we can confirm the situation regarding insurance coverage during u3a organised walks is as follows:

Members of any u3a
All such persons are covered under the Group Public Liability insurance. This means that if any legal action is threatened against any member as a result of any incident that occurs during a u3a organised walk it should be immediately referred to the Committee. Insurers will then be advised.
The same situation arises if a member is injured during such a walk and considers that a representative of u3a is responsible.

Non Members of u3a
Non-Members may take part in a walk but there is no insurance coverage for these persons and they undertake any such walk at their own risk.

Well behaved dogs are welcome on walks but must be on a lead at all times Dogs will only be covered under the group insurance cover whilst on a lead.