u3a Insurances

All Insurances are arranged by national u3a in conjunction with their designated brokers.Each year summaries of the various policies are supplied to the designated contact within Edenbridge u3a. Currently this is the Business Secretary. This is a summary of those summaries. It does not attempt to cover every eventuality or every potential claim. If an incident arises that you consider might constitute an insurance claim you should email the designated contact. He/she will then speak to Central Office.

Who is covered?
The policies cover members of any u3a (not just Edenbridge) whilst at any u3a activity. Non-members are not covered and it is most important that you inform any non-member who is invited to any activity organised by you of this restriction.


  1. Public Liability
    Members are covered against any claim for damage/injury up to where they areheld to be legally liable. Obviously, it will not be known at the outset as to whether or not there is any legal liability. Accordingly, if there is a claim against a member or group it is most important that the Edenbridge contact is notified without delay. The matter will then be handled by the group brokers.
  2. Assets
    Assets (including personal effects) up to the value of £25,000 are covered if lost, damaged or stolen at a u3a event. There is a policy excess of £100 and a condition that (apart from at members’ private homes) equipment must be kept in a locked cabinet or room when not in use.
  3. Home Contents
    Damage to the property of any member whilst their home is being used to host a u3a event. Cover limit - £25,000. Excess £100.
  4. Tour Operators Insurance
    This policy is for trips organised on behalf of u3a and includes Public and Product Liability, Legal Defence Costs, Professional Indemnity and Emergency Legal Assistance subject to various financial limits. However it is not designed as a replacement for personal travel arrangements. If you are arranging any trip and would like further details you should contact the Business Secretary.
  5. PPL Licence
    Not strictly insurance but note that if there is any intention to show a film at any u3a, a licence is required. u3a has such a licence for the films of the majority of studios and, subject to payment of a fee, can obtain a licence for most of the others. Accordingly, if you intend to show a film at any event you should contact the Business Secretary beforehand.

Finally, if you have any queries regarding these policies, any other insurance related matter, or you feel you have a claim against a u3Aainsurance policy,  you should contact the Business Secretary.