Nymans Garden - March 2024


This season has been particularly good for the spring gardens with very little of the usual damaging frosts.

13 members of the Garden of Edenbridge strolled around Nymans Garden on 19th March 2024 and were able to point out many interesting plants, the Magnolias being especially good.  Magnolia leonard messel with its pinky star shaped flowers was in abundance having been named after the Messel family who have owned the estate for generations.  Magnolia denudate with its creamy white waxy flowers was perfect, and the largest growing M. campbellii was looking splendid, clothed in pink flowers against the sky. There were many pretty little Magnolia stellata and Prunus incisa.

Also the camellias in their reds and pinks and the small flowered white, ‘cornish snow’.

Many rhododendrons were blooming, the best example being Rh. macabeanum with it’s magnificent large leaves and huge creamy yellow flowers.

Corylopsis with it’s dainty yellow flowers were planted in several different varieties but the most beautiful of the trees we saw was the giant redwood, Sequoiadendron giganteum, with it’s spongy bark and able to grow to great heights, especially in America where buses are able to drive through the carved out trunk.”

As we strolled around we also observed many spring flowers. Daffodils were of course prolific, Primroses, Crocus, Hyacinths, pretty and delicate Scilla and swathes of wonderful Honesty.

We naturally ended this visit in our usual way with lunch in the Welcome Cafe before either heading home, or for some, a further trip round the garden or to the house.

Penny & Stephanie

Group leaders