Newsletter from your Chairman November 2021


Hi everyone,

I hope this newsletter finds you all well.  I was very disappointed to have to cancel the speaker meeting in October but with the infection rates for Covid-19 in Edenbridge being so high there really was no other option.

So where are we now?  I am pleased to report that the infection rates for Edenbridge have dropped considerably since that surge in October.  Your committee have been considering the meeting scheduled for November 24th and on a majority decision we have decided that this meeting will go ahead.

Across the country infection rates for Covid-19 are now falling.  There are a few ‘hotspots’ which are bucking the trend, but Edenbridge is no longer one of those. The latest figure I have nationally for the UK is 356.1 cases per 100,000 people.  Edenbridge is down to 302.3 per 100,000 (down from 367 in the week ending 30th October). 83.2% of people in Edenbridge have had their first dose of the vaccination and 77.5% have had both doses.  Overall, the number of people getting the virus across the UK has dropped by 18% over the last week.

This week my Primary Science group met for the first time in over 18 months and the general feeling was “It’s good to get back to some degree of normality”.  So, I’m pleased to notify you that we are going to hold our speaker meeting on Wednesday afternoon, 24th November.  We will be welcoming Janie Ramsay who is speaking on her topic of ‘Queen by Right’.  At a time when our current queen, at 95 years of age, is beginning to reduce her workload and take life a little easier, it will be good to hear about the passions, loves and legacies of our five queen regnants (Mary Tudor, Elizabeth I, Anne, Victoria and, of course, Elizabeth II).  The meeting will start at our usual time of 2pm.

As a committee we are aware of our responsibilities to you, our members, and to that effect we will be compliant with all social distancing measures and will be advising you all to wear a face mask and to make use of the hand sanitisers.  We will ensure that the hall is freely ventilated and to that effect we advise you to wear some warm clothing!  The decision for you to attend is now yours to make.  Many of you are taking lateral flow tests (some of you very regularly) and although we cannot make this a condition of entry, we advise you to test yourself before coming to avoid further spread of the C19 virus.  We will do our best to ensure you have a healthy environment at Crockham Hill and feel confident that you will adhere to the safe guidelines that we have all adopted as our new way of life!

So with that in mind I hope to see some of you on the 24th. Don’t forget to dress up warm.

Best wishes

Mike Collins

Email [email protected]

PS Photos for the month – unusual root pattern for a fallen oak on the Chart

tree trunk
tree trunk

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