Newsletter May 2019

Our April speaker entertained us with a myriad of beautiful photographs as he described the surprising variety of wild animals, birds and plants we can find in our local area.  On Tuesday 28th May the subject is 'A Lifetime in Aviation' with Peter Griffiths.
We are pleased with the size of our U3A and hope you are all planning to re-join. You can renew at the June meeting in person or by proxy, or post to our membership secretary Estelle. The subscription will remain at £20 or £35 for two at the same address. Details are on our Join us page.
New groups are 'Canasta' and a new style of 'Architecture Appreciation'.  For full details of groups and contact emails visit our Groups page. Some groups are overflowing with members and others have space. Brian, the Groups Co-ordinator, can be contacted at [email protected] if you need help. Two groups that are currently keen to have more members are Family History and Life in the 1700s.
As Vice-Chair I will always listen to comments from you and raise any issues at committee meetings. The Minutes are available on the information table at the monthly meeting.
Many thanks to all the Group Contacts whose efforts I'm sure you appreciate.  We have learnt to send emails to our groups by addressing them to ourselves and putting the created group of email addresses into 'bcc'. By using this method, it keeps our email addresses private. If you are not sure, do ask any of the committee how to do this. Stephen has been extremely helpful in keeping us safe in this respect.
I hope you are finding plenty to interest you and Brian will assist in publicising any new group you would like to set up even for just a few months.

Best wishes
Christine Byrne
Vice Chair