people together

About the Group:

The MOTO (Members On Their Own) with MOJO group meets once a fortnight for activities such as: eating, drinking and chatting; doing crosswords, puzzles, cards and games; bringing favourite books to lend; suggesting ideas for outings to places of interest; or going to the theatre/cinema. Anything!

When and where?

The day and time will vary, and will aim to suit the availability of the majority.

The process for organising an outing is:

The HOST will SEND an email to all the members describing the day, time, venue, activity.

IF you CAN GO then just reply to the host stating whether you can give, or need, a lift.

The host will then confirm to those who replied and leave it to you each to make your arrangements regarding travel.

NO REPLY needed if you CANNOT COME.  However if you have to cancel at the last minute, please ensure your host knows by speaking to them. 

Cost dependent on the activity.


Christine Byrne