Games Group One

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About the Group:
We have just 6 members, who meet in each others homes on the 2nd Thursday 2pm for card and board games. Numbers are limited by table space, and a second group already has 6 members, but a third group could be formed if there is interest, and we can support each other's groups if the full 6 can't be present, so do get in touch if interested. You will need a few game if starting a third group. Games suitable for six people include Mexican Train, Quirkle, Chronology, and several card games e.g. Five Crowns and Uno.

When and where? 
We meet on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 2pm at each others homes.

No cost


Christine Byrne

07741 460500


May 2022

Sue kindly hosted another extremely entertaining afternoon. We played Quirkle and Sequences, had tea and then played Skip-bo. Between us the members have a dozen games, so we have plenty to choose from. As we have 7 members who wish to remain together, that is the maximum we can seat, so if you have games and would like to play with a group, get in touch with the Group Organiser Brian who will advertise the start-up of Games Group 2. It is always good stimulation for the brain and loads of fun.