people together

Have you ever wandered around St Mark’s Square with Canaletto? Ever come face to face with Vincent Van Gogh or perhaps his Starry Night? Been at sea with Rembrandt’s shipwreck? Or seen Monet’s Waterlilies up close? 

Thirteen of us from our London Studies Group 2 did all this and more on our trip in January to Frameless at Marble Arch.

Frameless describes itself as an “immersive art experience” and it is just that. Four galleries, each with a different theme, took us on extraordinary trips through various works of art, many of which are well-known. 

In the galleries we were completely surrounded by constantly evolving paintings, images being projected in some of the galleries on all four walls, the ceiling and the floor. Animals blinked and birds flew; people moved; ships rose and fell on the swell of the ocean. Fixed mirrors on the floor or seats in the middle of the room appeared to move, sometimes even making you feel that you were about to lose your balance, adding to the eerie sensation. And appropriate music accompanied the visual performance. 

An extraordinary experience, we all agreed.