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About the Group:

We meet monthly on the 2nd Tuesday usually, 2-4.30 or later, hosted by members at home.  There are 5 men and 4 women currently with spaces for additional members, as not all of us get to every meeting, so first come, first served. 

The host can chair the meeting, introducing each topic and allowing each person to give their thoughts and opinions, then a general discussion can take place which is enlightening, and always polite! 

We cover up to 4 topics, anything from what's happening in Edenbridge, to major world events. Members are encouraged to message the group in advance so some research can be carried out to make informed comments. We currently use a group email system but other groups prefer contact via WhatsApp. This can be discussed, to suit the majority.

When and where?
Meetings are held monthly on the 2nd Tuesday usually, 2-4.30 or later, hosted by members at home. 

No cost


Christine Byrne

01732 862999


May 2022

Colin kindly hosted just four members who were available, but we had excellent discussions for 2 hours on the workings of the local council, and several related aspects of community life and wider issues. Meetings are always the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 2pm, hosted in turn at members' homes.  If you have any ideas for topics to discuss, send me an email. The format is to open with an introduction of a topic, and each person is invited to make their viewpoint known then all points can be debated. We often find our viewpoints challenged, but it is always polite! 

February 2022

Thanks to Roger for hosting in February where we discussed future planning needed by governments for the demands of both rising, and falling, population levels around the world. This is a huge topic covering housing, care, jobs, education etc.- all covered in great detail in BBC Sounds debates. The second topic was the lack of university lectures, but no partial refund of the fees, which we all voted as unacceptable.  The third topic was the so far successful operation in America to transplant into a human a modified pig's heart. Though early days, what would this mean for the future? On this we had a wide variety of thoughts.