Chairman   -   Mike Collins

Treasurer   -   Bill Salmond

Secretary  -  Brain Swift

Membership Secretary  - Diana Sharp

Groups Coordinator  -  Chris Prickett

Compliance Secretary  -  Colin Fairman

New Members Secretary  -  Maggie Buckingham

Website  -  Peter Gentry

Speakers - Maureen Young


Roles and Responsibilities

The responsibilities of each Edenbridge Committee Member were agreed in September 2013. However, roles develop over time and in the light of experience so the list should only be used as a guide to the role of each Committee Member. All Committee Members are volunteers so these roles may be negotiated except for those aspects that are statutory, for example the role of the Treasurer.


  • Chair committee meetings
  • Attend, make announcements and introduce speakers at monthly meeting or delegate the task
  • Prepare administrative section of annual handbook
  • Attend Kent U3A chairman’s meetings
  • Visit study groups occasionally by invitation
  • Attend major Edenbridge U3A events – Christmas lunch, group contacts’ meetings, regional events etc
  • Supporting  or covering for committee members if they are overloaded or on holiday as required
  • Collate and distribute appropriately offers of help contained on membership application forms

Compliance Secretary

  • Organise permanent membership of National U3A
  • Photocopy forms and other information as requested by committee members
  • Organise membership data for submission to National U3A
  • Advise on all matters relating to National U3A membership and Annual General Meeting administration.

Membership Secretary

  • Send out membership forms
  • Put membership details on spread sheet
  • Send payment and page 1 details to treasurer
  • If interested in joining existing study groups email appropriate group contacts
  • If interested in starting or joining a new study group send details to Groups Coordinator
  • If offering to help in other ways send details to chairman
  • Periodically send forms to Chairman for storage, sending details to National office as required, and updating membership database
  • Send membership forms, membership cards and study group lists to new members  or give out at meetings
  • Ensure new members are made welcome at meetings


  • Handle bank account, bank cheques and cash, pay bills
  • Pay speakers, venues, expenses etc
  • Liaise with National Office over capitation payments, insurance for equipment borrowed etc
  • Report on financial situation to committee at meetings
  • Prepare annual budget and ensure it is examined and printed in time for AGM
  • Collect subscriptions at meeting. Receive refreshment donations and pay expenses


  • Work with the Chairman to prepare the agenda for each committee meeting.
  • Prepare minutes of committee meetings and email to committee after submitting to chairman for approval
  • Prepare the agenda for the AGM and circulate previous years minutes if appropriate
  • Prepare the minutes of the AGM
  • Store an archive copy of minutes and agendas. 
  • Administrative tasks as required.

Groups Coordinator

  • Deal with queries regarding study groups
  • Collate waiting lists for new or full study groups
  • Facilitate setting up of new groups with Chairman
  • Collect information on study groups for website and monthly email
  • Ensure Web administrator has an up to date list of study group contacts


  • Receive copy and photos from committee members and/or group contacts and edit content for newsletter when required.
  • Produce articles for monthly email newsletter when required and forward electronic version to web administrator
  • Create posters for monthly meetings and distribute
  • Liaise with press to market U3A activities
  • Design, collate and edit annual handbook (e and print versions) as required

Social Events Sub Committee

  • Organise Christmas Lunch
  • Organise summer event for group contacts and committee
  • Help and advise on other social events
  • Organise cake and refreshment rota at monthly meetings.

Web Administrator

  • Maintain and develop website.
  • Keep up to date email distribution lists and send out newsletters and other communications
  • Respond or forward appropriately messages received via the website
  • Help committee and group contacts when requested to set up  and effectively use U3A emails
  • Seek information from committee members, group coordinators and others as appropriate for inclusion on website.
  • Prepare Notice Board for monthly meetings


If you would like to join the Committee or can offer help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact one of the Committee Members. There may be a maximum of twelve elected or co opted members of the committee each serving a maximum of six years.