The Art of Ageing

brenda cameron

Our speaker, Brenda Cameron, commenced by revealing that several years ago she had been diagnosed with a severely debilitating illness that had lasted for eight years but then by the power of positive thinking she had made a complete recovery - enabling her to undertake many activities including wing walking and a parachute jump that she had previously thought were well beyond her capabilities.She then went on to point out the woman who performed long jump at international level at the age of 91, and various celebrities of the 1970s who had been able to look 20 years younger. And how had this all happened? She maintained that both her recovery and the rejuvenation of the others was not due to any medical innovation but was the result of the immune system being triggered by the power of positive thinking and posture. 

She then advocated the view that anyone could achieve similar results if they followed the advice that she was about to give and that, for a start, too many people ran their lives based on what others thought of them and that this needed to be overcome.

After this background she went through various exercises with her audience including advice on correct posture which she suggested should be performed at regular intervals. After the exercises she gave various tips which she said would help those in the audience. This included avoiding depressing people and news items that could produce negative chemistry and adversely affect wellbeing.On the other hand, carefully ensuring that your own language was more positive would benefit your health.

As she neared the end of her talk she advised that the 91 year old she referred to at the beginning was proven to have a physical age 30 years younger than her biological age and that similar results were achievable by others. Life should be an adventure and that if everyone adopted her recommendations whilst pursuing their individual passions they would soon feel the benefit.