Photography for Fun August 2020


Although we have not been able to meet as a group since lockdown began in March we have kept up our photography practice.

Members have responded to the monthly photographic topic with enthusiasm showing a variety of ways to meet the brief. We started with flowers from different perspectives which encouraged us to think about different views of flowers from close up shots of a flower head to expanses of flowers.

The topic "Something I could not live without" or "something I would happily live without" provided opportunities to photograph a range of subjects from wine to pets, family members to a cup of coffee, and a much loved portrait to goslings on the water.


As well having to meet the brief, each month's challenge provides an opportunity to practise the compositional skills we have learned previously such as rule of thirds, leading lines, clear focal point etc.

A broad topic such as the current one "Green" allows members flexibility to take photos of the types of subjects they are interested in e.g. landscapes, wildlife, flowers & foliage while providing enough of a challenge to help develop their photographic skills beyond their comfort levels.

If you would like to join the group or find out more about it please email [email protected]