No Fears Maths


About the Group:
We are a small group of people who had trouble with Maths at school but would like to have a second go at it. The aim is to banish people’s fear of the subject, usually caused by a really bad teacher early in life, and to find that it’s easier than you think . We concentrate on basic topics that you are likely to come across in your everyday life. We started with basic number work, moving on to percentages, areas, collection and display of data and even some basic algebra. Everybody seems to enjoy it and can boast to their grandchildren that they can understand what they are doing at school. The main problem - with all of us at this age- is remembering all this new information! We now need to decide which further new topics we would like to cover or whether we should go back over what we have already covered.

When and where?
Monthly in each others' homes. Times to be decided.



Judy Smythson