Current Affairs reports 2019

Current Affairs In June

Thanks to Denis who hosted on Wednesday 26 June. We had continual conversation for 2 hours (except whilst eating the yummy cake) on any topic a member raised, each putting their point of view. We covered patriotism, caring for the disabled, free health care, airport runways, sportsmanship, biased press, and any good news.

Current Affairs in March

Brian kindly hosted the March meeting and the topics covered were Problems of Future World Food Production to 2050 , Knife Crime, Care for the Elderly, British Citizenship and Traitors, Apprenticeships and News reporting. It was suggested we also each bring a good news story for the next meeting.

We email the group with topic suggestions nearer the meeting date. New members can email for more information. Our numbers swelled to nine last month.

Prison Sentences

Our January meeting covered the announcement that 6 month prison sentences were to be abolished. We considered alternatives, and a long discussion took place on offenders, with many suggestions offered. An excellent meeting hosted by Denis.

Email Christine if you would like to know more.