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About the Group:
We are a friendly informal group, meeting in each others homes once a month on a Wednesday afternoon from 2.30 and share opinions on any topics that group members bring up, or if possible the group gets advance notice to get more information on a topic. We have exchanged thoughts on funding the NHS, Prisons, Care for the Elderly, Fracking, Knife Crime, Immigration, Education, Trump and many more, and haven't yet discussed climate change, plastics and waste disposal. The list is endless, so do join us and share any views on issues that interest you. 

When and where?
Meetings are held approximately every third Wednesday afternoon in the month, from 2.30pm, in members' homes

No cost


Christine Byrne

01732 862999


Next meeting

Next meeting will 2.30 to 4.30 pm on Wednesday 31st July at Sue's.


January, March and June 2019

A range of topics were discussed including world food production, knife crime, care of the elderly and prison sentences.